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3 Strategies to Reframe Your Thinking on Exercise

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Exercise can boost your mood and energy as well as make you healthier. As little as one minute of exercise has been proven to elevate mood. A lot of people view exercise as a chore but there are ways to look at it as something enjoyable. You don't need a long, hard workout, do short

Frequent Sauna Use Tied to Reduced Dementia Risk

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Many find using the sauna to be relaxing but there are more benefits to it than just that. Apparently it can help to decrease the risk of getting dementia. This is a devastating mental condition the elderly can contract. It hurts them and their loved ones when their memories fade and confusion then sets in.

Magnesium may prevent bone fractures

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If you are prone to broken bones, it might be time to look at a new supplement to take. Magnesium is said to help prevent those broken bones and fractures. If you are experiencing such on a more than often basis, perhaps it is time to up the foods that you eat, or look for

Immunizations For Senior Citizens

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We often hear about immunizations for kids but they are good for adults as well in many instances. The elderly can have weaker immune systems. They are at risk of getting sick and it will be harder for them to get over it if they do. This talks about the immunizations which could help them

10 Cities Where Tech Threatens Assisted Living Move-Ins

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A website about senior living has a story about the effects of new technology on assisted living. A real estate company found that the internet is making it possible for seniors to stay independent. They can use online services to get rides, food delivered, and home health care. The cost of these services may be

5 Unconventional Ways to Extend Your Life

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Most of us want to live longer and seek healthy ways to make this happen. We want more time with loved ones and more time to complete tasks we've set for ourselves. Some of us have goals to meet. This gives five ways you can use to increase your life span but they're not conventional.