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What People With PTSD Need From You This Fourth of July

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The article offers a list of suggestions on how to make the Fourth of July easier for people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, based on submissions from readers with post-traumatic stress disorder. Some of the suggestions listed include: letting people with PTSD know when the fireworks are, establishing a safe space, providing noise-canceling headphones

Medical News Today: Cannabinoids could prevent migraine, study finds

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Cannabanoids can be used as a reliable relief to headaches. Found in cannabis, you can either smoke, vape, or eat it to help achieve the fastest relief. Compared to contemporary medications it is just as effective, useful, and powerful without the harmful side effects of over the counter medications. The cannabanoids work with your brains

Healing wounds with cell therapy

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The healing of a wound can be tricky business. That can be especially true for burn victims or those that suffer from diabetes. Your skin is easily damaged and the blood cells don't do what normal cells do. With burns your skin is so badly damaged that even when its healed it looks awful. New

Diesel pollution linked to heart damage

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Dr Nay Aung, a cardiologist, recently did a study showing pretty convincing evidence that particulate matter made by diesel road vehicles has been linked to heart attack, heart failure, and death. The study was looking at particulate matter 2.5 to see if it would damage the heart directly. The study was done in the UK