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Does ‘good’ cholesterol still matter?

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As you get older your health starts to matter to you a lot more. Words like cholesterol, blood pressure, heart, etc. Cholesterol is a big indicator on your overall heart health. Is it to high or to low? What is the good and the bad cholesterol? Bad cholesterol is what clogs up your arteries and can cause heart attacks and even death. Good cholesterol use to be something that doctors focused on as well but new studies show that your good cholesterol does not matter nearly as much as once thought.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bad cholesterol (LDL) clocks up the arteries while good cholesterol (HDL) doesn’t and aids in heart health.
  • Drugs designed to raise HDL surprised scientists by having little effect on reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • While the HDL level is still a very good indicator for the risk of cardiovascular disease, scientists will have to find other pharmaceutical ways to improve heart health.

“In other words, whether your HDL is low, high or somewhere in the middle, the prescription for a healthy heart will be the same: Don’t smoke, drink only in moderation, exercise regularly and stay away from trans fats (which are found in items such as fried foods and baked goods made with partially hydrogenated oils).”

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