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Running is supposed to make you feel good. So why did I just feel more stressed?

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When dealing with stresses of life, pushing yourself running can add to the stress rather than improve it. The author, a runner, shares her insights after going to a running retreat on how to enjoy running and not let it cause you to be worse off than when you set out on your run. You need to practice mindful running, set your priorities in life to a more manageable load and only take on running goals you can attain without overloading yourself. You can find joy and peace in running again.

Key Takeaways:

  • Running should be an enjoyable experience if you are in the right state of mind.
  • In order to be a good runner you must balance rest and effort.
  • Running is powerful and can work to unite groups of people such as busy women.

“Among the tools are techniques for improved posture and breathing, which help make running more efficient. We began each day practicing these methods in the cool, crisp desert mornings before heading out on the trails.”

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